Filipina Netizen Shares Outburst After Seeing The State Of Deceased OFW Aunt Upon Arrival At PH


A certain Angela Mark shared her outburst on social media after the body of her deceased OFW (Ovearseas Filipino Worker) aunt arrived in a pitiful state.

Along with her tirade against Kuwait, the post also contained photos showing the state of how her aunt's corpse arrived.

According to the netizen, the body was only wrapped in a blanket and had been in the morgue for a month.

On the comments section of her post, she also shared that her aunt's skin is already close to rotting.

"...di na yan inalis yan sa pinaglgyan kase maagnas na balat nia," she wrote in response to netizen Lhen Calusayan Jugar's query.

She also shared her speculations that the body was not injected with "preservative" during its long stay at the morgue since the blanket was almost already glued to the skin.

"Di yan ininjek sa morgue kase dumikit ung kumot sa balat nia . . naka uniform pa yan si tita emie."

Warning: the photos below contains graphic imagery and is not suitable for ages 18 and below. Check photos at your own risk. 

Netizens expressed sympathy over what her aunt had gone through. Many also agreed with her on her tirade directed to Kuwait.

Just recently, an OFW was executed in Kuwait for allegedly killing her employer's daughter. The case over the execution had been up for years but unfortunately the government and the Filipina's family failed to give the blood money needed to stop the execution. Hence, her first lines on the post expressing her outrage.

However the netizen did not give other significant details such as how her aunt died.



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