Family Pleas for Help Because Their Children Are Suffering From Dystonia! HEARTBREAKING!


We never want any of our loved ones to get sick. Some diseases can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle. But what happens when the condition is hereditary? We don’t have a choice but to deal with it. 

Such is the case with this family living in Legazpi, Albay.

In a video uploaded by TV Patrol on their official Facebook page, the Aycochos are seen appealing for help because their two sons are suffering from dystonia – a disorder wherein the afflicted person's muscles contract in an uncontrollable way, according to Web MD

The contraction of the muscles causes the affected body part to twist involuntarily, which results in repetitive movements or abnormal postures. It can affect a particular muscle, a whole muscle group, or even the entire body. Luckily, it is very rare and affects just roughly 1% of the population. 

According to the report, the mother of the Aycocho siblings has tuberculosis and hasn't thoroughly recovered from it when she found out that her sons had dystonia. Her sons were unable to walk and talk properly, and both needed assistance all the time. 

Before they had dystonia, Raymond was once a real estate agent and Rommel was a soldier for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). 

"Mabait naman 'yan eh... ito masipag sa paghahanapbuhay. Nahihirapan na rin kasi akong mag-ano eh... baka naman may tumulong sa inyo," their father said. 

Raymond was 31 years old when he first felt the effects of dystonia through a terrible headache. Since then, both siblings have completely lost control over their own bodies and, according to Lorna Azares – Rommel's live-in partner – there were times when Rommel would just proclaim that he wanted to die.

According to Dr. Dominic Jamora, dystonia is usually inherited from the mother and the symptoms become prominent when the individual turns 30. 

Raymond’s son, Eddie, said that he only wished for his father to appear at the stage come graduation and have him hang the medal to him personally. There are no known cures for dystonia and the effects can only be managed through therapy and specific medication. 

Watch the whole heartbreaking report here: 

Source: TNP Facebook

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