Dog Near an LRT Station Performs Tricks to Send Boy to School! WATCH IT HERE!


Facebook user Dessa Andres posted two videos and a picture featuring a dog and a boy who touched her heart. The dog performs tricks just to send the boy to school. The boy only relies on his dog, Blackjack, to hopefully gather enough money from passers-by so he could pay for his schooling. 

Dog Near an LRT Station Performs Tricks to Send Boy to School! WATCH IT HERE!

According to Dessa, she was just walking below the stretch of the LRT Central Station near SM Manila when she saw a dog carrying a basket in its mouth seemingly waiting for money to be dropped into it. 

She looked for the dog’s owner and immediately thought that it was outrageous of them to make the dog work for their benefit. When she finally came back from SM Manila, she saw the dog. This time, it had a 20 peso bill in the basket. 

Beside the dog sat a boy who was studying. Dessa approached the boy and claimed "Ang sipag mo naman, pengeng kasipagan." The boy laughed. When Dessa bought food and came back to him, she asked if she could hang out and they both ate together. 

Dessa asked the boy why he was studying during Christmas break. The boy answered that he was doing all the things he could do before school comes around next year. Dessa asked about his parents, to which the boy replied that he could no longer contact his mom and his dad was already quite old.

She then asked about his schooling and how he was able to afford it. In response, the boy immediately pointed to his dog, saying that it was the one responsible for helping him afford school. Dessa was touched by this and said that the relationship between the boy and his dog was special and it was clear that they truly loved each other. 

Dessa chatted with the boy for about an hour and a half and found out that he wanted to be a vet in the future. According to her, it is very possible for him because he is very hard-working. She also witnessed the dog perform its tricks.