Ellen Adarna, Danita Paner and Arci Muñoz's Girls' Night Out Went Viral After They Did This While They Were Drunk! Must Watch!


After announcing the breakup of her low-key relationship with Baste Duterte, actress Ellen Adarna is coping the way most single people do – by going out and getting drunk with friends.

In a viral Instagram video shared on her personal account, Ellen had a wild girls’ night out with fellow Kapamilya stars Arci Munoz and Danita Paner.

Earlier, Ellen issued a brief announcement on Instagram confirming that she and presidential son Sebastian BasteDuterte were no longer an item.

In a similar situation, Arci revealed on January 6th that she and her then-boyfriend Badi del Rosario had also broken up. 

So, what do 3 single beautiful women do to forget their troubles? 

Party all night of course.

Ellen even captioned her post with:
"Girls Night Out bah? Hahahaha saya! @danitapaner @ramonathornes la love life paba tayo? Wag na! Di na kailangan hahhahah" 


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