UV Express Driver and Drunk Passenger Talk About Politics and Something Unbelievable Happens! MUST WATCH!


During your daily ride to your work, you are bound to encounter any number of things along the way – some sad, some happy. And some downright unbelievable! 

A Facebook user named Jessie Valdez Iglesias shared a funny video about a UV express driver and a drunk passenger talking about politics. They lamented everything about the government, from its inefficiency to its rampant corruption. 

They initially talked about how former president Noynoy Aquino kept blaming Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration and how he claimed that the economy was booming during his tenure. 

This followed with a statement from the driver, who said that they couldn’t even solve the Laglag Bala problem. He said “ganyan talaga mga Pilipino,” then voiced out his suspicions that the police must have been the ones who were behind it, for who else were manning the airports but them? 

The drunk passenger butted in and asked “ano po ba ang NBI?” to which the driver replied that it must be a sort of “sabwatan” or conspiracy.

The UV express driver’s extensive knowledge can be seen in how well he answered the drunk passenger’s questions and the way he expressed his discontent about the government. 

Something happened near the end of the video that brought laughter to everyone riding the vehicle and all the netizens who watched the footage. Check it out below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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