Dog Owners Should Check Their Pet's Mouth For This Painful Ladybug! Read Here!


Dog-owners beware; your canine friend might have these invasive Asian ladybugs stuck on the roof of their mouth. 

These are not your typical harmless ladybugs - they are bigger and nastier insects called ‘Asian Lady Beetles’ or ‘Harlequin Ladybird’. These insects have a very painful bite and can cause ulcers on your dog’s mouth and tongue. 

Asian ladybugs produce a protective secretion which makes them stick to the roof of the mouth and are toxic to our canine friends. 

Watch out for these symptoms before checking your dog for these bugs: excessive drooling, foaming at the mouth and drowsiness. Remember: the longer these bugs stay in the mouth, the harder it becomes to pull them out. 

Fortunately, this kind of incident is fairly uncommon.

Remember, if your dog or any kind of pet has been experiencing symptoms or any signs of odd behavior then you should always go see a veterinarian.

Source: DailyMail, TNP

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