Doctors Can't Believe This Tiny Brain Inside This 16-Year-Old Girl's Ovary! Must See!


Doctors, especially surgeons, are quite used to peculiar things since they get to see inside the human body regularly. However, this group of doctors in Japan were still quite shocked after discovering a miniature brain growing inside a tumor located in a 16-year-old girl's ovary

According to reports, the tumor was accidentally discovered while the doctors were removing the appendix of the girl. No symptoms have hinted at the tumor prior to the surgery. But what really caught their attention was when a small 'highly organized neural tissue', 3-centimeters in width, was found inside the tumor. According to them, it closely resembles a cerebellum, the part of the brain which coordinates the motor control and balance of the body. 

Doctors Can't Believe This Tiny Brain Inside This 16-Year-Old Girl's Ovary!

Studies show that some ovarian tumors contained body tissues and are known as "teratomas". They are quite common and are usually made of nothing but hair, muscle or fat. But in rare cases, they can actually look like actual body parts. These are called homunculi. 

The doctors said that teratomas which had brain-cell like features are very rare, not to mention highly organized. This discovery in the 16-year-old girl's body is one of a kind. They explained that it was "three layers of the cerebellar cortex [which] were well formed". 

There has been very few instances of this phenomena recorded.

Meanwhile, the girl had a successful operation and is now recovering.
Source: TNP, Iflscience

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