'Do Not Resign, Bato, But Be Harsher' Says Writer Krizette Chu


Amidst the controversy Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa faces, netizens continue to show support online.

The PNP chief received backlash from both from the public and a few government officials, asking Dela Rosa to resign due to the National Police scandal dubbed as "tokhang for ransom."

Staunch Duterte supporter Krizette Laureta Chu sent a message to the chief, urging him to stay at his post. In her message, Chu expressed her certainty in Dela Rosa's capability as the PNP Chief.

"He is a good man with an overwhelming job," she described.


In her post dated January 20, the writer recalled a previous incident that was similar to what recently transpired. In 2014, an EDSA kidnapping happened in broad daylight and the police were also revealed to be the culprits.

However she emphasized that during this time, the public did not insist on the resignation of former PNP Chief Purisima

'Do Not Resign, Bato, But Be Harsher' Says Writer Krizette Chu

In her post, Chu also concluded that this may have been due to our standards being raised since President Rodrigo Duterte came to power.

Netizens had different opinions about the issue but many agreed with Chu and showed their support for Dela Rosa as well.
Source: TNP , Nowreader

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