Dizzy No More! Doctor Reveals How Vertigo Can Be Effectively Treated In Seconds!


Vertigo is a condition wherein a person loses his or her balance and feels sudden dizziness even without engaging in a physical activity. This condition has been exhausting for those who are affected by it can experience spinning or rocking movements even if they are at a still position. 

According to medicine.net, vertigo can either be peripheral or central. Problems with the spinal cord or brain function are the causes of central vertigo while a problem within the inner ear causes peripheral vertigo.

While this has been a debilitating condition for many, a doctor in the United States has developed an effective way that could help in treating this condition within seconds. This technique has been published by shareably.net.

Dr. Carol Foster, the Director of the Balance Laboratory, University of Colorado Hospital devised Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV. The technique is also known as "half-somersault maneuver" or "Foster Maneuver". The simple exercise  helps in alleviating dizziness in the inner part of the ear. Dr. Foster has uploaded a video tutorial on Youtube and it already gained millions of views as patients deem this as an effective way of managing vertigo.

According to her video, when a patient is attacked by vertigo, he has to position himself as if attempting a somersault. Afterwards, then the patient has to look at his left elbow until his dizziness subsides or stopped. The patient can then revert back to his normal position.

Dizzy No More! Doctor Reveals How Vertigo Can Be Effectively Treated In Seconds!

Many patients tried this technique and found out its efficacy and efficiency in addressing their condition. They shared their testimonials with halfsomersaultmaneuver.com proving how this simple exercise helped them.

"My wife would never forget you Dr. Foster in her life. We tried the half somersault maneuver only once and it worked [with] magic! My wife had Vertigo for 3rd time in 3 years and it didn’t get any better even after seeing an ENT and even after being prescribed with medicine for 30 days. She did this maneuver once and her vertigo disappeared. This is so simple yet very effective" Thangavelu Arun said.

"It was my first time to have Vertigo and like everybody else’s condition [sic], it was scary. It was last year when I tried these maneuvers and it truly worked. I however advise those of you who are sensitive to motion and get motion sickness, like me, to be strong because you may end up vomiting afterwards. Seriously though, the half somersault maneuver does work!" Valerie Corral commented.

"The half somersault video worked wonders for me. The past two days were very frightening because I thought I was going to have a stroke or getting with something really bad. This tutorial has totally reversed my condition!" Robert Stevens stated.

Watch how this simple exercise can be done:

Source: TNP , Shareably

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