DISGRACE UNDER PRESSURE? This Is Probably The Most Hilarious Q&A Portion In The Entire History of Binibining Pilipinas! Must Watch!


In every beauty pageant, the Q & A round is probably the most awaited part of all. 

It tests the contestants' abilities to handle pressure and to think of a comprehensive answer to a question within a limited amount of time. 

It really measures their intelligence, a major factor when considering them as the title holders. 

In this 2008 leg of Binibining Pilipinas, one candidate really stood out. The ever-confident candidate #15, Janina San Miguel, became a sensational news topic after the pageant's coronation night because of her hilarious performance in the Q&A portion. 

During the pageant, Janina already won two major awards; best in Long Gown and best in Swimsuit

When it was the time for the Q&A, host Paolo Bediones let Janina randomly pick Lucio Tan's daughter, Vivienne Tan, to pose the question: "What role did your family play for you as a candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?"

Jenina's memorable answer was filled with confidence and determination. 

Despite her hilariously confident answer, Janina put bashers to shame since she was able to win the Binibining Pilipinas World Crown.  

In an exclusive interview with GMA's Jessica Soho, Janina defended herself when she was asked why was she unable to answer the question properly.

According to her, she was unable to hear the question clearly as Tan's voice was very soft. She claims that another factor that contributed to her flustered response was the cheerful crowd that surrounded her during that fateful moment.

Soho also frankly asked her about her English skills. The beauty queen gracefully admitted that she still needs to practice the language as it is one of her weaknesses.

Watch her full interview with Jessica Soho here:

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Source: TNP , Youtube

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