Day Care Worker Started Acting Strange, So Her Husband Installs CCTV And What He Finds Out Is Horrible!


Not every parent can afford the luxury of time due to heavy workloads and busy schedules so most of these parents resort to babysitters. And with the amount of trust they give, parents expect their children to be well taken care of.

However, not everyone deserves that trust. 

On April 4 2016, a CCTV footage was posted online showing an appalling incident involving babysitter and daycare owner Christina Williamson.

Child protective investigator Desiree LaBlanc Moines entrusted her baby daughter to Williamson. At the start, she felt like it was a great decision as the babysitter constantly updated her by sending photos of the infant from time to time.

However LaBlanc did not expect what happened after. She received a call from her supervisor advising her to pick up her daughter, claiming that the poor infant is being physically abused in the day care center.

Apparently it was Williamson's own husband who was able to catch her after he decided to set up cameras in their home due to gossip that his wife was acting strange.

The footage captured Williamson maltreating the children as she sometimes threw the kids around, leave them alone or even putting cloth inside their mouths. Being caught red-handed led her to a five-year sentence in prison.

Fortunately, the kids did not sustain injuries but this incident still serves as a huge warning to parents to be very cautious about who they entrust their children to.

Watch video below!

Source: TNP, LittleThings

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