Dad Breaks Down After Seeing His Autistic Son's Project.


This story touched the heart of many netizens and immediately went viral across social media. 

Bob Cornelius shared this heartwarming message in his Facebook account. According to him, his son Christopher is on the autism spectrum and has been having a hard time making friends. But it was only when he discovered one of his son's projects that he was urged to do something.

When Bob went to his son's back-to-school night, he happened to notice his son's project. It contained questions which his son’s teacher asked the students to answer. It includes favorite food, favorite sports, favorite TV show and other similar questions. 

However, something in the project caught his eye. Christopher answered "No one" in the question "Some of my friends are.."

"I guess I’m sharing this because when asked to list his friends he wrote “no one”. Never have five letters cut so deep, and they weren’t even directed at me….it was just an overly simplistic statement that spoke volumes." Bob said in his post. 

Dad Breaks Down After Seeing His Autistic Son's Project.

He also said that he knows how his son wants to belong and that he needed to do something about it.

So in the last part, he asked everyone a favor by saying: 

”For the first time ever, I’m going to ask for two favors, here, on Facebook.

One: Share this post on your time line. Awareness and empathy are the only solutions I can come up with.

Two: Speak with your children...
I not so naive that I think this post is going to change the world. But, if, by sharing this, I can make you think about having a conversation with your children about empathy, about going out of their way to include those that are different from everybody else, especially if it goes against the group mentality, especially if it’s not socially poplar (I’m not so old that I don’t remember that this takes bravery…bravery to break from the confines of whet your friends think is cool in the middle and high school worlds), then I will feel like Christopher’s voice has been heard."

Everyone deserves a chance to be included. Hopefully, this story can change someone’s life for the better.
Source: TNP , Inspiremore

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