Criminal Was Forced to Do This After A Car Wash Employee Snatched His Weapon! WATCH IT HERE!


What goes around comes around. Tables turned for this hold-upper as he was forced by a car wash employee to clean cars after his own firearm was pointed at him. 

In a CCTV footage, a man wearing a black hoodie came to a car wash holding a gun. As he went in the shop, he pointed the gun to the employee. Calmly, the car wash employee cooperated with what the hold-upper was saying.

However, as they approached a portion of the shop where there was no CCTV camera, the hold-upper suddenly ran to the door and tried to escape. Unfortunately, the garage door was closed by the car wash employee as per the robber's instructions.

His punishment? Wash the remaining cars that inside the shop while the employee threatened him with his own gun.

After all the cars were washed, the car wash employee let the hold-upper escape. 

Watch the CCTV footage below!

Source: TNP Kami

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