Corrupt Politician Asked To Be Buried with Money – So He May Attempt To Bribe God in the Afterlife


It is a common saying you can’t take your riches with you after you’ve passed on. Apparently, no one said this 52-year-old politician Charles Obong - or maybe he just want to see for himself if it really is true. 

Charles Obong was one of the richest men in Uganda, whose wealth can be traced to his dealings as a corrupt politician. 

On his deathbed, Obong requested to be buried with a lot of money so that he may have enough to ‘bribe God’ and ‘save him from hell-fire.’

According to reports, Obong worked as a senior personnel officer in the Ministry of Public Service from 2006 until the time of his passing in December of 2016. Ugandan records state that: “Public service has been engulfed in pension scam scandal which cost the government about Shs257 billion. The money was stolen by senior government officials.” After succumbing to an unidentified illness, the politician was placed in a metallic coffin which cost Shs20 million or around 270,000 PHP.

As claimed by his brother-in-law, a chairman for Aromo Sub-county, Obong was afraid of being condemned to hell for the sins he committed during his tenure. 

Obong left behind a will which instructed his wife Margaret to bury him with loads of cash enough to bribe God in the next life. He even requested his siblings to be present at the funeral, just to ensure that money will indeed be put into his coffin.

Following his last wishes, Obong was buried at his ancestral home at Adag-ani village, Bar-pii parish, Aromo Sub-county in Lira District. 

Unfortunately, as the story became widespread within the community, the local church heard about the bizarre request. Reverend Joel Agel asked for the body to be exhumed. Indeed Obong was discovered covered in bills that amounted to a total of $5,700. 

Reverend Joel asked for the money to be returned to the family – because it was taboo to bury anyone with money. 

Shame he couldn’t come back for the money he was going to pass along to God – but then what would God need money for?

Corrupt Politician Asked To Be Buried with Money – So He May Attempt To Bribe God in the Afterlife

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