College Girl Tries to Flirt With This 'Taken' Guy But She Didn't Expect the Guy to Say This in the End!

Some people just cannot handle their thirst when it comes to sexual pleasure. Some of them would even go to a point where they would just randomly ask a person to satisfy them. While some of them become successful, not all of them are fortunate enough to 'achieve their goal'. This is what happened to this playful college girl who did not expect the ending of her flirting session with a guy who is already in a relationship.

The story of this college girl sparked discussion from the social media community and her story went viral immediately.

According to a report by, a student from the University of Sto. Tomas asked a random guy to satisfy her through a Facebook message. Their conversation was posted by the girlfriend of the man she was flirting with.

Based on the conversation, the college girl introduced herself to the guy and even mentioned that they were enrolled in the same university. Moments after, the flirty girl asked the guy for a meet-up. She even gave the steamy details of what she wants to happen in the meet up. 

After a while, the girl blatantly asked the guy for a love-making session and even requested for "protection." Take note, the college girl is completely aware that the guy is already taken and is currently in a relationship. She even praised the guy's girlfriend later on the conversation.

Their conversation went on but the flirty lady did not expect its ending. When the guy claimed that he has something to bring for the extra pleasure of the girl-- a picture of a gun, multiple knives and scissors!



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