Chito and Neri's Baby Miggy Finally Meets His Celebrity Kalookalike!


Chito and Neri Miranda ended their 2016 with a joyful celebration with their son Miggy. They have been very active in sharing pictures and telling stories about Miggy in their social media accounts. Many of their followers have been enjoying their lengthy posts and pictures regarding their son.

But their fans aren't the only one who can't help but gush over baby Miggy's charm. Some of their celebrity friends expressed their delight over him as well. One of them is Angel Locsin who even made a remark earlier that Baby Miggy looks like her. In a photo shared by Chito Miranda on his Instagram account, Angel congratulated the couple before noting that "Kamukha ko sya!!!!!!" and later on replied saying: "Hanapin ko baby pics ko!"

In a separate post, Chito shared that Angel really did sent her baby picture to prove that they look similar. Chito then quipped that Angel might be the real father of Miggy. 

Since Angel is a good friend of the two, it's no wonder that she is one of Miggy's godmothers. Just recently, Angel took the time to visit the Miranda family to finally see baby Miggy in person. Neri immediately snapped a photo of them and shared it on her Instagram account with the caption: "Hiya si Miggy sa Ninang Angel niya. Hindi makatingin eh." Chito posted the same photo in his Facebook account saying: "Ayaw makipag-eye contact kay Ninang hahaha!
Na-conscious yata..."

Source: TNP Facebook

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