Man Cheats on His Girlfriend Then It Backfires When Girlfriend Enters Room! You Won't Believe What Happened!


It's sad that people cheat in their relationships but did you know that there are also those types who cheat with their loved ones as a prank? 

In a report by Extreme Readers, a man pretended that he was making out with another woman in bed--which turned out to be his girlfriend's best friend. The man said that he would be pranking his girlfriend by "doing the nasty" and that his face would be covered in the said best friend's lipstick. 

The man said he initially expected the best friend to say no but the best friend, according to him, said "Yeah, yeah, I'll do it!" He waited for thirty minutes until his girlfriend arrived and set up cameras all over the room. 

Twenty minutes later, his girlfriend entered and first went into the kitchen to get something. But when she looked into their room, she saw her best friend lying on top of her boyfriend

At first, the girlfriend was predictably mad. But then, to the utter shock of the boyfriend, the girlfriend began to move close to her best friend and did something which would probably scar him for the rest of his life.

Watch it here! 

Source: TNP , Youtube

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