Check out Jhong Hilario's Hot Girlfriend! Did You Know That She's 15 Years Younger Than Him? MUST SEE!


Recently, Jhong Hilario had the world talking when he saved an old man who got hit by a motorcycle. But the former actor and Makati city councilor is getting social media buzzing again. This time, involving his hot, non-showbiz girlfriend who's reportedly 15 years younger than him! 

The PINOY Channel uploaded a video on YouTube which featured a girl named Maia Leviste Azores. She has chinita eyes and in the pictures, can be seen exuding a simple yet lovely aura. According to the video, Jhong has been in a relationship with her for six years. 

Maia was still in college when she and Jhong got together. There were netizens who commented on the video, saying that the couple looked sweet together. 

There were also comments that bashed them, saying that Maia looks like a gold digger but others defended her, claiming that she looks like she has her own money. Another commenter also stated that Maia has already finished her education and that she is now working. 

In the video, Jhong and Maia can be seen having fun and having lots of adventures together such as skiing in the snow and touring zoos and wildlife. 

Do you think Jhong's relationship with Maia is going to last? Tell us what you think! 

See the couple's video below! 

Source: TNP , YouTube

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