Cheap Hack to Get Rid of Lice That Your Doctor Never Told You About! MUST READ!


No one wants a head full of lice.

Lice are tiny flightless parasites that feed on blood in order to thrive and multiply. What's worse about these creatures, aside from the itchiness they bring, is that it they are contagious due to their ability to jump long distances.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, getting lice is quite easy.

Although they do not pose a serious health threat initially, these annoying insects could cause an inflamed scalp which could lead to infection when left untreated.

The market nowadays provides various products that are marketed as being effective in treating lice problems, however, some of them are not only expensive but also ineffective. These commercial products also often contain chemicals that could harm the hair and scalp.

Another way to treat this problem is the traditional way of combing the hair. Unfortunately, this method lasts for hours and must be done meticulously. Otherwise, the lice can lay eggs and the problem will continue.

Fortunately, there is a better solution that can get rid of these pests! This amazing home remedy is said to be quite effective.

How? Find out below.

You’ll need these:

- Mouthwash that contains spearmint
- White vinegar
- Shower cap or a plastic bag
- Lice comb
- Towels

Then follow this procedure:

1. Start by washing the head with mouthwash. Make sure that the head and hair are completely wet. Lice can’t stand the powerful scent of mouthwash that contains spearmint.

2. Next, use the shower cap or the plastic bag to cover the hair. Wear it for at least an hour before removing.

3. Afterward, wash the hair with vinegar and then cover it with a shower cap or a plastic bag again and let it rest for an hour. The vinegar will kill any eggs the lice might have laid.

4. After the hour is up, remove the shower cap and wash the hair with regular shampoo.

6. Use the lice comb to comb the hair and remove any excess lice. 

Try this home remedy out and let us know how it works for you in the comments section! Don’t forget to share!
Source: TNP , CentralReaders

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