Caught On The VR: Wife Wakes Up Late At Night To See Husband Doing This!


It doesn't get any weirder than this!

On a viral video posted just a day ago shared by The LAD Bible, a woman caught her husband doing this late at night.

"So, I went to bed on my own. Yet again. It's stupid o'clock in the morning," she ranted at the earlier part of the video.

"Still no Adam- he's using the VR again. So, let's see what stupid game he's playing tonight..."

What did she saw? Watch this full footage and see for yourself!

They say boys will be boys, but this is certainly beyond us!

The video has gained 13 million views, 124,000 reactions, 97,000 comments and almost 130,000 shares not more than 25 hours since it was posted.

The netizens expressed their different reactions on the video. Some thought it was funny while some thought it was disgusting.

"Oh my god that is absolutely disgusting he should feel ashamed also my mate wants to know what this VR is called please," netizen Sam Gabriel reacted jokingly.

"He's having fun on his own, better than with some else, or another guy! Just saying some people need to get with the program," said netizen Paul Smyth.

"I wouldn't slap him and interrupt. I would stream it live for everyone to have a laugh with me and see the look on his face when he takes off the headset to realize he's being filmed. If you're going to embarrass somebody, do it right," netizen Kristin Diane shared her brilliant idea.

Although the video was a sure hit, some others thought it was set up claiming that is not how VR works. What do you think? Is it not? Share your thoughts with us!
Source: TNP , Facebook

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