CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Man Shamelessly Tries To Peek Under Student's Skirt With A Camera Phone!


"PISTING YAWA", says netizen Grace Cabrillos from Tagbilaran City as she recounted her traumatizing experience while riding a tricycle to her school.

On her Facebook post dated January 27, 2017, Cabrillos uploaded several screenshots and a 20-second video of a middle-aged man trying to take a peek under her skirt. His strategy: not-so discreetly slipping his camera phone under.

But the lewd act didn't go unnoticed as an alert Cabrillo quickly alighted the vehicle, but not until she has captured it all happening on her own camera phone.

"Tungod sa akong kakulba nya ka dali2 kay klase ko nya late napud kos akoang klase wa nako kahuna2 ug tarung. Baaaaw basta kay sa akong huna2 at least naka video ko para atleast man lang naa koy nawng niya ug ebidensya."

("I was so afraid and I was already late for class, that's why I couldn't think straight. But I thought, at least I got him on video as evidence.")
The most disconcerting part of it all is that the unidentified man nonchalantly looks at Cabrillo showing no signs of embarassment even when his scheme was already exposed.

Calling out to other netizens, Cabrillo said that he wants the suspect identified while warning other women be careful in public.

"So girls ug mag sayal mo. Pls pls pagsapaw mo ug shorts kay wa ta kahibaw sa panahon run daghan ng manyak!" ("So girls be careful. Please wear shorts because these days, there are just too many perverts!")

Source: TNP , Facebook

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