WATCH: 'Bilog' Went Emotional Over This in 'Magandang Buhay'!


Recently, the internet was abuzz over a viral video of two siblings who fought over petty reasons. They were later identified as 'Bilog' and 'Bunak', as their mother calls them.

The video spread across social media like wildfire. Many netizens, even celebrities such as Maine Mendoza, made parodies of the hilarious video. 

Many found it funny and some were even able to relate to the video. But the real story behind the video isn't funny at all. 

The siblings were recently invited as guests in ABS-CBN's morning show, 'Magandang Buhay', where they shared how their life was like. 

'Bilog's mom is a single parent and has to work from morning until evening. She has 4 siblings and, while her mom is at work, she takes care of her youngest sibling who is still a baby. 

Her mom admitted that the children lack guidance resulting in unhealthy arguments and violent fights. With this, 'Magandang Buhay' offered a helping hand to help them get through their hardships by giving them groceries and school supplies. 

The highlight of the show was when they announced that AMA University gave 'Bilog' and 'Bunak' scholarships! 

While thanking the show, 'Bilog' became quite emotional, saying that it will be a big help for them. 

The video has already garnered 15 thousand reactions and over 100 shares. 


Source: TNP, YouTube

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