Watch Here! Bea Alonzo Went to Vice Ganda's Home Only In Her Shorts and Slippers and She Discovered Something She Did Not Expect!


Singer-actress Bea Alonzo was a guest at the Kapamilya late night show Gandang Gabi Vice! hosted by Vice Ganda

In the video, Bea recalled when she went to Vice's house for what she thought was a casual movie night. Apparently, Vice and Bea lived close to each other. 

Bea revealed that she went over to the comedian's home wearing only casual attire such as a shirt, a pair of shorts and slippers while carrying a pizza. She assumed it was going to be a simple night between friends. 

Bea was completely surprised at what she discovered!

When she arrived she was greeted by a friend of Vice who was serving steaks and asked her how she would like her steak cooked. Specifically, she was asked about her preferred "doneness."

Not only was she surprised at the steaks but also how grand Vice's home was. According the Bea, every inch of the house was spotless and that Vice had his own personal 'movie room.'

Apparently, Vice said that his housemates were simply trying to be good hosts for the famous actress. 


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