Banana Cue Vendor Amazes People With His Impressive And Fluent English-speaking! Must Watch!


Being among the most used languages in the world today, fluency in English can take someone to places if he knows how to use it right.

Possessing great communication skill helps a person convey his/her message effectively.

Many remarkable people and leaders in our history had made great use of their very own ability to persuade people through words. 

However, we as a society have this notion that being literate in the foreign language is an attribute commonly acquired by only those in the higher classes.

So when this banana cue vendor started showing off his skills in speaking English, people were quickly impressed. The video of the man immediately made rounds on social media, making him a viral topic today.

Watch this!

Additionally, many others urged the man to continuously pursue and develop his skill with hopes that it can help him earn more.
Source: TNP , Youtube

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