Backstabbing in PBB: Wil Makes a Controversial Revelation That Shocked the Social Media Community!


Ex-PBB housemate and blogger Wil Dasovich #shookt the internet after he made a video blog documenting his reaction to his nomination. Wil explained that like other ex-housemates, he did not have any idea of who wished for him to bid the house goodbye. 

Because it was kept as a secret from him until his last day inside the house, the Fil-American vlogger felt enough curiosity to watch the replay of the nominations himself.

Wil's video reaction got the attention of many netizens as it genuinely showed how he felt while hearing and watching his ex-housemates give their reasons to nominate him. What surprised Wil the most is the fact that the ones who nominated him were the ones whom he considered best friends-- Jerome Alecre and Tanner Mata.

On his video blog, Wil then clarified that everybody inside the PBB house are in good terms and consider each other as best friends. However, due to the nature of the contest, they really have to find reasons to kick someone out of the competition.

For Wil, nominating their fellow housemates is the hardest part of the reality show. This is the reason that every time they go through the nominations, he can't help but cry out of sadness. The model also clarified that the contest may have portrayed drama for its audience but in reality, very little goes on inside the house.

Watch his full reaction video here:

Source: TNP YouTube

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