Anne Curtis Spotted Riding the MRT For The 3rd Time! What She Did Next Made Every Passenger Shout For Joy! Must Watch!


Anne Curtis, renowned TV personality and bonafide showbiz superstar, was seen riding the MRT alongside regular citizens.

In a video she posted on twitter, Anne greeted the ‘madlang people’ while riding in the female-only part of the MRT. She was surrounded by average, everyday folk who were going crazy over her mere presence.

Anne, drenched in sweat due to the sheer number of passengers she shared her ride with, was thankful for the experience. “Sa lahat ng nakasakay ko mula Boni hanggang Quezon Ave, maraming, maraming salamat po!” Anne exclaimed.

Anne is no stranger to public transportation, as she was previously seen riding the MRT in 2014 – so she could catch Kylie Minogue’s performance at the Araneta Coliseum – and again in 2016.


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