Amazing: This Bus Can Travel On Land And Water And This Is Everyone's Dream! Watch Here!


Have you ever seen a vehicle that operates both on land and water

Chances are some of you have experienced this amphibious thrill ride while others aren't so lucky. 

Amphibious (meaning they can operate on land and water) vehicles have been around since 1770 or earlier - and come in a variety of designs and functions.

Historically they have been used during wartime as a way for soldiers to land on a beach. Some are purely recreational and are used by car-owners to travel in the body of water on their property

The Splash Tours in Rotterdam, Netherlands is taking tourists on a unique sight-seeing experience around the city. These ‘duck tour’ buses allow for sightseeing on the road and in small bodies of water like lakes, rivers, etc. For Splash Tours, their buses dive into the Maas River where tourists can see the beautiful skyline and other spots of the city

Certainly this tourist attraction is creating a lot of buzz from our well-traveled netizens. 

Source: TNP , Facebook

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