Alleged Leaks of CIA Documents May Reveal Something About the 1989 Coup Against Former President Cory Aquino!


They say that history is written by the victors and that the story is usually one-sided. Many conspiracy theories have made their way across the internet regarding revised histories, especially those that baffle people long after the event has occurred.

Such is the case of Carlos Munda, who theorized that the alleged leak of 13-million-pages worth of documents by the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) revealed something about one of the turning points in Philippine history – the 1989 coup d’état to oust then-President Corazon "Cory" Aquino.

According to his blog ‘Mindanation’, the CIA has made certain documents public and one of them pertains Cory Aquino asking for military assistance from the US, which was denied. This was because the action involved the risk of killing innocent Filipinos at the height of the rebellion.

The documents allegedly mentioned former Defense chief Fidel V. Ramos, who said that the US government offered military assistance to crush an open rebellion that sought to overthrow the Aquino administration.

Aquino was said to have personally asked aid from the CIA to send their warplanes to provide air cover in order to allow the Philippine military to attack the rebels.

According to the document, "Los Angeles Times and Washington Post reported last weekend that the Aquino government asked for airstrikes but US officials refused because of political risks in killing Filipinos."

It also revealed that 12 opposition lawyers have condemned the Philippine's request for foreign assistance in quashing the rebellion and described it as a "shameless act of surrender of sovereignty to a foreign power."

It is important to note that this revelation could quite possibly be a conspiracy theory concocted by Carlos. No other news sources were able to verify it as fact.

TNP warns our readers not to believe everything they read at face value and look into other sources in order to verify any story’s legitimacy. We must be ever-vigilant about the truth.

Alleged Leaks of CIA Documents May Reveal Something About the 1989 Coup Against Former President Cory Aquino!
Source: TNPkickerdaily

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