Is This An Alien Soldier? Netizens Claim To Have Spotted Life Forms In Mars


Conspiracy theorists are having discussions over a video footage where they claim to have spotted an “alien soldier” that seemed to be following the Curiosity Rover on Mars
The video showed an extra-terrestrial who looked like it was armed with a weapon and body armor. 

The odd shape of a creature was enhanced and shown by the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible
The description of the video claims that the “intriguing object" was "spotted while going through the NASA archives.”

“This one definitely looks artificial in nature and in my opinion is an ancient statuette. The odd thing about this one is that it does resemble an alien grey or possibly an insect type species of alien,” the theorists added.

As with any other conspiracy theory, many people who watched were also unconvinced and have their own theories about what the object is.

Zak Farley commented: “I have a crazy idea…maybe (stay with me on this one) just maybe – it’s a rock?” Joni Preti said, “I love photoshop, it can change rocks to martian native art :-)?.” 
One commenter appeared to have more belief than the others, but expressed his opinion as well and said, “why do humans have this constant idea that an extraterrestrial would look like us with arms,legs,head,etc.?”

Here is the video and you be the judge.

Source: TNP , YouTube

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