Airport Staff Takes OFW's Hand-Carry Luggage Filled With Jewelries And Expensive Belongings And They Lost It! Watch Here!


In a news report by ABS-CBN's Alvin Elchico, an OFW who went home in Manila from Qatar lost her hand-carry baggage filled with her expensive belongings and jewelry while she was inside the Cebu Pacific Airport.

Mrs. Lourdes Abani lost her hand-carry last October 2016 while boarding Cebu Pacific's Iloilo to Manila trip. Abani still has her claim stub for her hand-carry but the airport failed to return her belongings. 

Abani narrated how she lost her luggage.

"Lahat po 'yun mga valuable items kaya ko po hinand-carry. Kinuha po ng staff ninyo at nawala. At babayaran po ako ng Php17,400 na hindi man lang muna nag-investigate or hindi man lang muna ako tinanong 'yung laman ng bag ko" Abani said in a video.

The airport company released an official statement claiming that they had already offered compensation to the passenger.

"We offered compensation to Mrs. Lourdes Abani based on the max liability of the carrier for domestic flights as stated in the Air Passender Bill Of Rights, in relation to the liability limits under the Montreal Convention" CEB Vice President for Corporate Affairs Atty. JR Mantaring said.

However, Abani refused to accept their compensation as the company failed to provide an explanation of how her belongings suddenly went missing while inside the airport.

"Pakitaan lang po ninyo ako ng malinaw na sagot kung bakit po nawawala ang bag ko" Abani added.

According to the news report, a passenger who lost their luggage (hand-carry or checked-in) inside the airport can file charges but their compensation is my certain laws. According to the Civil Aeronautics Board, the International Convention will provide the amount of the missing luggage and half of it is required to be paid by the airline company.

Abani then pleaded to the owner of Cebu Pacific for a more justifiable reason and explanation regarding her lost hand-carry given that their compensation is insufficient.

Watch the full report here:

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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