This Dad Was Watching CCTV Footage of Their House but Was Shocked When He Saw His Wife Doing This on the Nursery Floor! Watch What Happened Here!


Most mothers would surely exceed limits and conquer insurmountable odds just for their children. 

Tyrone Morris, from Durbane, South Africa, was reviewing their home's CCTV tapes. As he opened the footage from the camera situated in their nursery room, he noticed something eerily unusual. 

In the darkness, he saw his wife carefully tucking their baby into his crib to make sure he doesn't wake up. And then she did the unthinkable, she suddenly laid on her back and crawled out of the nursery. 

It's exactly like a scene straight out of an Asian horror flick! But instead of getting scared, he found it adorable and hilarious. 

He posted the video on his Facebook page and wrote: 
"The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down. Sometimes you have to use your initiative for your exit!”

The video has reached about 100,000 shares as of this writing. Some netizens jokingly called it demonic, crazy, and paranormal. 

Yet the truth remains – a mother's love for her child is the greatest love of all. 


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