Adorable Identical Twin Girls See Each Other for the Very First Time and Then This Happened!


Children are blessings that evoke feelings that are unmatched by anything else. One can only imagine how it feels when parents have twins. 

In the Philippines, as well as many other Asian countries, the average twin birth rate is 9 out of 1000 births, while it is 1 out of 30 in the United States

A mother caught her twin babies having a conversation and then records it as they looked at each other and held on to each other’s faces. 

One can only imagine the excitement they must have felt to see their twin sibling for the first time.

The adorable video has generated a lot of buzz online, engaging many netizens in discussions about their own stories of their twin babies. 

Many mothers expressed how priceless these moments are with their twins and that they really do have a special bond with each other.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section!

Source: TNP ,  rumble , Facebook

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