ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING! Waiter Gets Tipped With An Unbelievable Amount By Kind-Hearted Customer! The Reason Why Will Inspire You! SEE IT HERE!


A video featuring a kind-hearted customer tipping a certain waiter has gone viral. 

The video started with the customer asking the waiter how his day was. After saying that it was of 100 dollars for he said that his daughter told him to tip the waiter 20 dollars--but the man was kind enough. 

He told the waiter that his family wants to bless him and so he added another 100 dollars, saying that the waiter shouldn't believe that there are no nice people. 

The waiter cried but the man continued to give him another 100, making it a total of 300 dollars tip. The man said that he wants the waiter to be blessed and to have a merry Christmas. The waiter, completely in tears, embraced the man gratefully for his inspiring deed. 

Source: TNP, Facebook

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