A Man Was Allegedly Possessed By Demons and This Concerned Citizen Gave Him This As A Cure!


This video of a man allegedly possessed by demons in broad daylight spread like wildfire across social media

The location of the video is unknown, although some of the bystanders can be heard speaking an unclear Filipino dialect. The video starts with a group of men trying to get a hold of a man who was clearly not in his right mind. They were trying to put him in a pedicab so they can bring him to an expert who can help him. 

One of the bystanders, started suggesting that they throw some salt at him to drive away the evil spirit that possessed the man. Many other bystanders seemingly agreed with the suggestion. A woman then came rushing into view and sprinkled the man some salt. She continued doing it for the rest of the video. 

There are no updates regarding the condition of the allegedly possessed man but netizens went crazy over the suggestion of using salt as a cure. 

Some old traditions in the provinces believe in using salt to get rid of demonic creatures such as ‘Aswang’ and ‘Manananggal’. 

As of this writing, the video has already garnered about 78 thousand views and over 1 thousand shares.

Watch it below:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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