A Girl Selling Noodles to Feed Her Poor Family Meets a Boy and Marries Him Without Knowing That He Is Actually...


The story of a poor girl meeting a rich guy is a typical theme we see on television and books. But who would have thought that it can happen in real life?

The Malaysian Recipe shared a story of a girl who was selling noodles in the streets to help her mother who had a stroke and his brother who is still studying.

Life was not easy for the girl. She goes out every day to sell her noodles. Sometimes she goes home with two to three hundred dollars. In other unfortunate occasions, she goes home with nothing but her tired body. But she never knew that her fate was about to change, big time. 

A guy often goes to her stall and eat noodles. The girl knew the guy simply as a neighbor. He also thought the guy is lazy because he just orders her noodles instead of cooking his own. This certain guy usually talks to her and asks her how much she earns every day or if her business is running good or bad. The girl has no idea that life is going to change for her, big time. 

One day, things took a different turn and the guy asked her with a question that caught her off guard. "I am so poor, I have a mom who suffered a stroke and a little brother who is still studying. Who would want me?" the girl said when she was asked if she has a boyfriend.

The guy's reply was, "I would."

Of course, the girl was astonished at first. However, she was not a fan of the guy's manner of proposing, so she rejected his offer. To win the girl's heart, the guy religiously went the stall of the girl and helped her out. During the Chinese Valentines Day last 2013, the guy stopped coming to her stall.  She admitted that she was a little sad about it, but she did not blame the guy for ditching her. But guys are really good in surprises -- he came with a bouquet of roses and confessed his love for her and yes, they became a couple.


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