Shocking! Tunisian TV Host Shames Rape Victim And Tells Her To Marry Her Attackers!


Tunisian netizens were furious over the remarks made by host Alaa Chebbi on his TV show “Andi Mankolek” (I've Got Something to Tell You).

Chebbi told a teenage rape victim to marry the man she accused of attacking her, and then told her it was all her fault. 

17-year-old Hajar revealed that she had been sexually abused by three different members of her family since the age of 14. The teary-eyed girl said that poverty had forced her to stop school and that she went to work on the family farm. 

She revealed that she was 8 months pregnant by one of her abusers. Her father then kicked her out of the house, apparently ashamed that she got pregnant out of wedlock. Hajar’s elder brother Allala accompanied her to the TV show to seek help for her unfortunate circumstances.

Shocking! Tunisian TV Host Shames Rape Victim And Tells Her To Marry Her Attackers!

Host Chebbi reiterated that the whole ordeal was the victim’s fault and found no fault on her father. Chebbi suggested that "whoever did it should marry her to close the case" and "contain the situation." 

“You should apologize to your father,” Chebbi told his guest. 

“What did I do to him?” Hajar answered back.

Chebbi replied sarcastically, “What? ‘What did I do?’ You did nothing.” 

“Hajar, you got pregnant without being married.”

“You made a mistake”

After the episode aired, Tunisian media regulators suspended the program for three months – stating it had "violated human dignity".

In Tunisia, traditional attitudes are still widespread despite their relatively progressive outlook on social issues. For them, pregnancy before marriage is considered by many as shameful regardless of the circumstances. Such is the case in predominantly Muslim countries

Activists and critics are now calling to abolish Article 227 of Tunisia’s legal code, which dismisses rape charges if the rapist marries the victim.

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