SHOCKING: Child Drowns In Dream Land. 'No life guard, no first aid.'

A video posted by a certain Enahs Ibanez on Facebook has become viral in a matter of hours. It featured a group of swimmers in a public pool clamoring and in a state of panic. They were attempting to do CPR on an unconscious child who seems to have drowned. 

However, the group does not know how to do CPR. There was also no lifeguard around. Many netizens, however, pointed out that the parents should have supervised their children especially if they do not know how to swim. 

According to netizen Jessica Balijo Pano, "My mali ung resort kasi wla life guard at wla dn first aid pero responsibilidad dn ng magulang na bntyan ank nla mrming swimming pool jn sana dun nla sa pmbata bka dun nmin kasi hnyaan sa malalim."

Other netizens expressed concern over the fact that they did not simply bring the child to the hospital. Some also noted that no one among the crowd knows how to do proper CPR. 

So guys, be careful next time you go swimming with a large group. Be mindful of your pals and please, learn how to do CPR!


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