MUST READ: Here Are 8 Unexpected Reasons Why Guys Love It When Girls Are On Top When M*king L*ve!


There are tons of positions that can be done while making love. But ladies, did you know that guys love it when they are at the b*ttom? Well, here are 8 reasons why according to Cosmo.PH:

1. You can grind on him anytime you want!

It's not just guys who love this pos*tion, girls too! If grinding is the thing you do to get off, you can do this to him!

2. Girls, being on top is the game changer.

Being on top means you are the driver. You can do everything you want. You can never reverse missionary but doing this is your chance to be the c*wgirl! Yeeha!

3. He can just lift you up and down.

Mak*ng love to you and working out can be the total package! If your man has the muscles and strength for it, he'll just get a hold of your hips lift you up and take you down the way you want it.

4. Pin him down.

Some boys want to be dominated, here's your chance to be the captain! You can pin him down and do whatever you please!

5. All the different angles!

Pen*tration can be felt a lot differently. It's a win-win situation for the both of you as the feeling is sensational!

6. Grabbing your behind will never be this easy when you're on top, girl!

I bet that your guy loves to grab your b*tt. Girls, being on top will make it easy for him to grab hold of your buns without the bed getting in the way.

7. He will have a better view of your lady lumps!

When girls are lying down, their assets (chest) tend to, well, lay low-- this is a better angle. However, being on top will make him see and feel your lady l*mps in a better way! So girl, let him grab a hold of 'em lumps!

8. He can just relax

This will help the guy be fired up even when he's feeling low. When he is t*psy or tired, you will be his motivation in making love. 

So girls, are you ready to be on top? 

MUST READ: Here Are 8 Unexpected Reasons Why Guys Love It When Girls Are On Top When Making Love!
Source: TNP, Cosmo

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