7 Obvious Clues That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You, #2 Is So Common Nowadays!


Popular perception has it that girls are more likely to be suspicious in a relationship. Their investigative skills can rival a detective if they are suspecting their boyfriend to be onto someone else. But cheating is something that both sexes do, and this has been proven, sadly, by the experience of many unknowing exes. 

So guys, to check if your girl is cheating on you, here are signs that might help you determine if your girlfriend is hiding something from you:

1. Your girl has nothing but complaints. 

Guys, better think twice if your girlfriend becomes a NAG-a-tron for she might use her complaints as grounds for breaking up with you. Some girls tend to say lame complaints just to get mad at you.

2. If you caught her talking to a guy then tells you he is "just a friend"

Does this sound familiar? YES! So you better start keeping your eyes peeled if you are not sure if this "friend" is just a friend and not something more. You know you can smell lies from a mile away - you just tend to deny it. 

3.  She asks for your activities during the day.

If she's asking for your schedule, you might think that she is setting up a surprise for you. Well, that's not always the case. She's asking you because she might have other plans like GOING OUT WITH ANOTHER GUY.

4. When you're talking to her but she seems to be preoccupied

Your conversations with your partner may start to change as time pass by. But if she looks like as if her thoughts are flying off somewhere, you might start thinking twice. If you see her preoccupied, she might be thinking about to continue or not to pursue your relationship or her thoughts are with guy #2.

5. She's not giving appropriate replies when you are asking her something.

If you confront her and she's not giving you proper answers or she remains quiet all throughout the conversation, well, she's hurting you already because SHE IS CHEATING ON YOU!

6. She keeps her phone away from you

The greatest evidence that you can have is her phone. Everything you need to know is hidden in the wonders of her cellphone - all the conversations, photos, and even videos are all kept there. Yes, she has the right to have a private life. Still, if you feel that she is already doing something fishy and you have a strong feeling about it, better go and feel free to check her phone.

7. She is not in the mood for romance anymore

The feeling is really different if your relationship is new. You are eager to know more about her and will do everything to protect her. 

However, if the fire in your relationship starts to fade and she says that she is not in the mood to make love, well, she might be setting the fire with somebody else. It is better to talk things over rather than see it all crash before your very eyes.
Source: TNP , ClassifiedFeed

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