6 Filipina Celebrity Moms Who Are Still Hot And Sexy In Swimsuits Even After Having Children, #3 Is Extremely Gorgeous!


Filipina women are slowly breaking the stereotype that society has imposed upon them regarding what they can and can’t be after pregnancy. These female celebrities are prime examples. 

Flaunting their post-pregnancy looks without a problem, here are 6 Pinay celebs who turned into hot and fabulous mamas!

1.) Marian Rivera – A regular in lists featuring rocking bodies and a no-brainer when it comes to smoking-hot curves, here we can see Marian with her baby Zia in matching floral swimsuits. 

2.) Cristine Reyes – Despite being married to Ali Khatibi, here we can see that Cristine is still maintaining her awesome bod even after giving birth to their baby Amarah

3.) Ina Raymundo – A mother of five and still rocking that tight gym body, Ina Raymundo is definitely one hot mama.

4.) Sunshine Cruz – Even after a failed marriage, Sunshine Cruz hasn’t lost a bit of her hotness and the fact that she has three gorgeous and ultra-smart daughters is just mind-blowing.

5.) Jennylyn Mercado – You already know she will be on the list, because what’s not to like about the 29-year-old single mom with multiple number one’s on the annual lists of the sexiest women?

6.) Sarah Lahbati – Everybody was surprised when they saw Sarah Lahbati looking as hot as ever after she gave birth to little baby Zion

Source: TNP Cosmo

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