Unbelievable! Watch This Brave 12-Year-Old Boy Fight Off a Would-Be Jewelry-Store Robber!


Netizens are buzzing over this viral CCTV footage of a brave young boy who stopped an armed robber in a jewelry store with a quick punch and even quicker thinking.

The video begins with a man whose face was covered by a pair of sunglasses and face mask stepping into a Turkish jewelry store. Suspicious-looking from the get-go, the 12-year-old kept his eye on the man as he made his way to the counter.

Suddenly, the robber throws his bag on the counter and pulls out a handgun right in front of the young lad.

Wasting no time, the boy grabs the robber’s arm holding the gun and shoves it away. Then, he very quickly follows up with a wicked punch right to the masked robber’s gut. 

It was fairly obvious the man was stronger than the young boy, as he easily shoved him aside. Thankfully, the robber was distracted long enough for the boy’s father, Mehmet Karagoz, to come to his son’s aid. 

The robber panicked and ran off empty-handed. The would-be robber has since been arrested by Turkish police.

Watch the amazing video here!

Source: TNP, YouTube

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