11-Year-Old Boy Gradually 'Turns To Stone' Due To Rare Skin Condition


Ramesh Kumari, a boy from Baglung, Nepal is slowly becoming unable to move due to his rare skin condition which transforms his skin into a "stone" while leaving his limbs into twisted forms.

The 11-year-old boy had shown symptoms of the skin condition called ichthyosis since his early weeks. The condition causes the skin to peel and be replaced with thick 'fish scales'. It is usually caused by a flawed gene from one's ancestor.

Unfortunately, science is yet to find a cure for this condition. However, medications and daily skin regimen help manage it.

With Ramesh' father Nanda unable to sustain his medical care as a laborer, British singer Joss Stone is helping the kid raise funds ever since his friend Nepalese singer Sanjay Shrestha saw Ramesh' struggles on a viral video on social media.

The Joss Stone Foundation was able to raise up to £1,375 through a concert held in Kathamandu.

The young kid is now under the care of Kathmandu Medical College.

"He was in a really bad state when he was admitted. We had to remove the scales from his body and it was painful," said assistant dermatologist Dr. Sabina Bhattrai. "Over a period of two weeks, we gave him antibiotics to avoid infections and applied drugs and moisturizer on his body to remove the dead skin."

"His inability to move is because he's been left for too long. But since his bones and muscles were not weak by birth we can try to work on them and with some physiotherapy, I'm hopeful we can make him stand again."

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