WOW! This Farmer Discovered A Secret Door In The Sand And What He Saw On The Other Side Will Surprise You!


This is the interesting history of a small bay in Scotland. There is well-kept secret living inside its green hills.

If you look at these photos, you wouldn't find anything particularly amazing with them but the moment you learn its backstory, prepare to fall in love with this magical place.

You will find within this rolling hillside a perfectly preserved prehistoric village called Skara Brae.

A destructive storm caused hundreds of casualties in the area. When it subsided, villagers saw a new opening under the sand.

Nowadays, it's famous as "Scottish Pompeii” because the ancient monument is very well preserved. Every bit of it was protected for over a millenia.

Archaeologists estimated that there were about 50-100 past residents of the village. There were houses built 1,500 meters from the sea.

They found seven or eight houses that are connected to each other by tunnels. Each residence could be closed off with a stone door.

There was one house that stood out among the others for it doesn't have any bed or other furniture inside it. The experts assume it had served as a workshop.

The village also had a sewage system and each house had its own toilet.

As of now, no one knows why the place got abandoned. Some thinks that around 2500 B.C., the Orkney Islands became cooler and wetter so the villagers met their fate or were struck by a violent storm.



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