Worst Airline Ever? OFW Traveling Home Shames Cebu Pacific For Delayed Flights And Damaged Luggage!


Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) don't always get the opportunity to go back home during the holidays; so when they do, they make it worthwhile.

However, due to a delayed flight, OFW Lheya Agustin Valenzuela wasted almost an entire day of her precious vacation time in Hong Kong instead of being with her family.

The devastated netizen shared her experience online, fueling the rage of many against local airline Cebu Pacific.

Furthermore, she also shared that airline service was just as bad as many pieces of luggage were either lost or were damaged. 

She added that the food the airline provided wasn't impressive either, as they were only given a bottle of water and a few snacks that could easily be bought at convenience stores.

Source: TNP, Facebook

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