WATCH: Here Are The Tips For Preventing Stroke and Heart Attack - Two of The Most Common Causes of Death


is wealth. This is what Dr. Willie Ong has been emphasizing in his live video with his wife, Dr. Liza Ong. They shared how stroke happens and what to do to prevent it. 

Showing a brain model, Dr. Willie explained that during a stroke, a part of the brain is blocked. Depending on the part of the brain that has been blocked, it affects different aspects of our body. He shared how everyone should be careful of infections coming from the nose, which can contribute to risks of stroke. 

They also shared different tips on preventing stroke which includes monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Aside from these, they also gave tips on having safe pregnancy and giving birth!

But what many people were waiting for is their list of the 20 healthiest foods which includes apple, garlic, and banana.

Check it out on the video below:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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