WATCH: This Girl’s Reunion With Her Gorilla Friends After 12 Years Will Leave You Speechless!


The Aspinall Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Kent England that rehabilitates gorillas who were raised in captivity with the aim of releasing them into their natural habitat. It is led by Damian Aspinall. It was once launched due to its work with the gorillas at Howletts Wild Animal Park, specifically the gorillas named Bimms and Djalta.

Damian's daughter, Tansy, grew up with them. She helps in the day-to-day activities of the Foundation and spends time with the two gorillas. Therefore, it was especially hard for her when it came time to release them 12 years ago. 

In 2014, Damian and Tansy travelled to Gabon, where Bimms and Djalta were released, and tried to find them. The two gorillas came out when they heard Damian calling their names and warmly welcomed him. But when they saw Tansy, who was just a toddler when they last saw her, their reactions were priceless. They gently hugged her, recognizing their old friend. 

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Source: TNP, Newsner

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