WATCH: These Two Men Have Been Kidnapping and Eating Humans in Uganda! HORRIBLE!

The last reported incident of cannibalism was in Uganda. It was their dictator Idi Amin Dada who practiced it, believing that eating his enemies' flesh would make give him more power.  But in 1997, Amin remarked that "I don’t like human flesh. It’s too salty for me". 

In the world today, it seems unimaginable to hear news of cannibalism.  However, Monday Aluola aimed to debunk this by showing proof that cannibalism still exists. In his Facebook page, he shared a story of two men who were caught kidnapping and eating human flesh. 

“We always hear these stories but some of us end up convincing our selves that they are not true but, perhaps, this shocking story might change our thinking,” Aluola said. 

The said incident happened in the small town of Kiboga in Uganda. Some people in the neighborhood started disappearing and the police do not have any lead at all, until they found these two men as their suspects. According to an article by Uganda News, “A witness, who lost a relative last week, saw one of the men carrying human hand and alerted the police, who came and found the culprits boiling human head.”


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