WATCH: A Woman Saw Her Phone In the Hands of a Stranger. What She Did In Response Could Have Killed Her!


Netizen Hanchenn Superiano Gofulco shared her horrifying experience in Sta. Rosa through her Facebook post.

It happened on the night of December 11th, when Hanchenn and her boyfriend went to a mall. Suddenly, a man bumped into her boyfriend, who was holding her bag at the time.

They immediately noticed that her cellphone was missing, so the two went to a mall security guard to ask for help. The mall’s management staff said that they need a request for the CCTV footage and that the authorities there would just call them if they received a lead. 

Hanchenn's boyfriend suggested that they visit a church before going home. Afterwards, they rode a jeepney and then she noticed a man holding the exact phone she just lost.

In a clever move to find out if the phone was actually hers, Hanchenn asked the man to let her examine the phone. At first, the man denied it and tried to get off the jeepney.

Hanchenn got the phone from the man's pocket and as soon as she opened it, she saw her photo on the lock screen, proving that it was indeed her missing cellphone.

Watch the actual scenario here:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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