Watch The Reaction Of This Grandma When Her Son Reveals His Secret About The Baby She Is Holding!


A grandmother was given an opportunity to lay her eyes on her grandchild for the first time.

Eva was surprised when her son Donny and daughter-in-law Miranda flew home with a baby in their arms. 

Donny and Miranda were both employed by the US Air Force in Hawaii and have been working there since 2008. The couple then decided to adopt a baby girl, naming her Melissa. Their adoption process began on October 2015. Once they had the opportunity to fly back home, they did it immediately and, to Eva's surprise, the couple brought her grandchild along so she could meet her for the first time.

Donny had to keep his daughter Melissa as a secret from his mother until they got back home. For almost 10 days, the couple did not mention anything about their adoption to their families.  Miranda explained to WTHR News that there are a lot of uncertainties during the process, so hiding it from their families was the better choice so they wouldn’t get their hopes up.

“We wanted to protect our and their hearts. It was a great strain. When Melissa was finally with us and became our daughter, we thought it was too big a deal to announce it over the phone,” Miranda said, quoting from

Watch Eva's reaction when she held her grandchild for the first time.

Source: TNP , YouTube

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