Watch Out For These 10 Habits That Could Damage Your Kidneys


The kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body. A kidney's job is to filter wastes and extra water out of your blood into the urine. It regulates blood pressure and has quite a bit to do with overall bone health. 

Unfortunately, kidney diseases are a fairly common health problem. These kidney problems are caused by long-term bad habits, poor lifestyle choices and improper management of existing conditions. As doctors have probably told you, more bad habits means more organ problems. People with diabetes will have a higher chance of developing kidney problems.

It's always recommended to see your doctor if certain symptoms appear.   

Look out for these 10 habits you may have. These could potentially damage your kidneys:

1. Smoking.
Smoking is the cause of a lot of health concerns for many different areas of the body. It affects blood pressure, increases heart rate and narrows the blood vessels in your kidneys. Smoking can also damage your arteries - cause arteriosclerosis in the renal arteries.Smokers risk losing kidney function faster than non-smokers. Quitting the cigarettes will decrease any further risk.

2. Holding in your urine
Holding in your urine or not urinating enough is very bad for the kidneys. Kidneys filter out the toxins from your blood which are then expelled through urination. Later on, you may develop kidney stones should these waste salts accumulate. 

3. Eating too much junk food
Consuming too many snacks such as desserts, sodas, candies and chips is not good for your kidneys. Researchers have found that consuming too much fructose may cause a rise in uric acid levels. This, in turn, will lead to cardiorenal disease.

4. Eating certain foods/Too much fast food
There are certain foods which may cause problems for the kidney. Some doctors may suggest a change in diet if you notice any kidney damage. Food rich in nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B6 is good for preventing kidney stones.

Here are the food you need to avoid when suffering from kidney problems.


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